Monkey Decision Point

Here we go...

The Monkey Trail

Sunny Trails

Devil's Staircase

Rider on Devil's Staircase

Berms, berms, and more berms

Tackling the Devil's Staircase

Hope you like cornering!

Railway Crossing Bridge

Riders on Lung Buster

Rider on Tight Squeeze

Dodge those trees!


Tight Squeeze Rock Garden

Spot the Rider?

Someone call Ground Force?

Rainbow Valley Bridge

Rainbow Valley

Riders tackling the climb

Looking down Rainbow Valley

Switchbacks, love 'em or hate 'em

Over The Rainbow (and far away)

Pot of Gold

Rider on Pot of Gold

Silky smooth berms await!

Plus a few jumps along the way :)

Shredding the jumps

...and the berm

Looking for the Pot of Gold (it's hidden somewhere...)

Riders coming down Pot of Gold it or hate it

Better than Alton Towers?

Better than Thorpe Park?

Rail that Berm!

Deer Skull

Looking awesome in the summer sunlight


Fancy a challenge? Try the black options!

The start of Le Singe Noir

Take your pick



...and Harry Rock Gardens

Boardwalk up, and rock down. It must be...

The Wood Bank!

Precision Engineered. Sort of?

Never buy a budget spirit level.

What Goes Up

Boardwalk & Rock Feature on Snap It

Another Boardwalk on Snap It

And from another angle

Start of Upper Cliff

Silky smooth singletrack

Nice view!

Rider on Upper Cliff

Fancy another challenge?

Try the Upper Cliff Rocks


We never said they'd be easy...

Definitely not easy...

Then you're faced with this one next! Phew...

The start of Insidious Incline

Yup, it's a climb!

Almost at the top

Lower Cliff!

The final and arguably the best section on the Monkey?

Not quite in the tropics...but close.

Looking up Lower Cliff

The final few berms...

A bit of singletrack...

And the stream crossing!